Brite for Brokers & Account Managers

Streamline client education while maximizing participation across your entire block of business.

Consolidate your benefit guides and powerpoint presentations into a digital, interactive education experience built for any size client.

Brite for brokers to manage and distribute benefits education materials

Meet your modern benefit guide

Brite becomes a self-service, digital education experience that connects employees to all the tools and resources to maximize the benefits available to them.

Provider search
Contact broker buttons
Push to any benefit admin software
Explainer videos
Digital plan summaries
Need to add more of the "tools"

Brite helps create stronger client partnerships

  • Renewals take minutes, not weeks
  • Collaborate with clients to create custom experiences
  • Direct employees to the right place immediately
Brokers and account managers love using Brite
Company management made easy

Valuable features that help Broker and Account Manager Teams

  • Secure and win new business
  • Roll out Open Enrollment in hours instead of weeks
  • Works with any size client (even ACA groups)
  • Align your consulting strategy with your clients
  • Tailor your education specific to each of your clients
  • Provide tools your clients need and love
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