March 2023 Changelog

Greetings from an unexpectedly cold and snowy Utah! Here is this month’s edition of the Brite changelog, outlining everything the team got done while we were huddled up under our blankets.

Open Beta for the New Brite Editor

Starting April 17th, we will be opening a beta testing group for Brite’s new guide editor. Anybody interested can sign up to be trained on this new experience and have it turned on for their account. This new editor experience has been created to enable you to create guides in a matter of minutes instead of hours. The menu bar is simple and clean, and there are new page templates and component block libraries, so you never have to start from scratch. All business and benefit data dropped into the guide is dynamic, automatically updating as the benefit package and business details do.


If you are interested in participating in this beta test group, click here to sign up.

Impact to Paycheck

When employees choose which benefits to enroll in, they need to know the exact amount of money that will be deducted from their paychecks each month. Decision Support recommendations and plan summaries now provide this information in greater detail. Now all you need to do is select the pay period cadence for your business, and Brite will calculate the cost per paycheck for each of the benefit scenarios displayed to the employee. This will enable employees to make informed decisions about their benefits.

Custom Business Verbiage

One of the most requested features for Brite is the ability to change specific verbiage across entire courses to match how the business refers to specific people or topics. Now you can set custom verbiage for what you call an employee, spouse, child, and family.

Expanded Plan Summary Support

In January, we launched new plan summary components that can easily be dropped into any guide to clearly outline the details of medical plans, like how much the Out of Pocket Max is and what the monthly premiums are. In addition, we have expanded support beyond just medical, and now Dental and Vision plans can be visualized through the new Plan Summary component.

In addition to the features we’ve introduced this month, we want to give you a glimpse of what we’re working on in March and what the future holds for Brite.

Simplified Navigation

We are currently building a simplified navigation experience for Brite. Our goal is to make it foolproof for even our newest users to easily understand where to start and how to flow from one part of Brite to the next.

Course Templates

We are revisiting the concept of course templates in Brite, specifically how they are created and used. Currently, we have templates for courses, individual pages, and blocks of components. While it may seem helpful to have the option to save content in different formats, this feature has proven to be confusing for our users. We acknowledge that no one enjoys starting from scratch, and we aim to improve the template experience in Brite. Our goal is to make the use of templates the primary method for creating new courses. 

Merge Tags

One of the great benefits of our recently released Plan Summaries feature is that it displays benefit data dynamically. Any time you update a benefit package, that component will also update to display the new information. Plan comparisons are the way to visualize information regarding plans in your guides, but for other ad-hoc or one-off situations we will be introducing what we call Merge Tags. Tied to benefit and business data, Merge Tags will enable guide creators to quickly drop in dynamic information like Broker Name, Business Address and more.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Our team is currently alpha-testing an integration with Microsoft Teams. When this is complete, Brite users that use Teams to communicate internally will be able to send courses via Teams messages directly from the Guides page in Brite.

Here is what got fixed in March:

  1. Fixed some wonkiness with styling where large amounts of text would run off the end of the page instead of wrapping. 
  2. Resolved an issue in the new editor where the page would go completely blank when interacting with certain components. Glad we got that one fixed! 
  3. Eliminated 400-level errors we were seeing when attempting to send guides via text.
  4. Not really a bug, but we made some tweaks to improve the accuracy of course analytics. Some previews of guides were being counted towards the guide views number. This is no longer the case.

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