Along with improving our current product, we've been hard at work developing new features and are excited to introduce them this month.

Along with improving our current product, we’ve been hard at work developing new features and are excited to introduce them this month. 

Plan Comparisons

For Brite customers using the new editing experience we released last month, we have added the ability to provide plan comparisons if you have more than one Medical plan in the Benefit Package associated with your course.

Employees now have the ability to compare plans side by side when interacting with benefit summaries and decision tool recommendations within your enrollment courses. Employees can also switch between the two plans being compared if there are more than two available. The recommended plan will be highlighted when the Decision Tool has been completed, as shown in the example below.

In addition to the features we’ve introduced this month, we want to give you a glimpse of what we’re working on in the coming months and what the future holds for Brite.

Custom course colors

One of the features that our users love the most is the ability to align the branding of content in Brite with their business or their clients. That said, when creating content, you may need a color or two that are outside of the set of design styles for a brand. After our early February release, users will be able to create a custom palette of colors for the course they are building, in addition to the brand design styles.

Improved Narrow Network Support

Our team is increasing support for Narrow Networks within Medical plans. When this work is complete, you will be able to list Counties and Zip Codes eligible for Narrow Networks within Benefit Packages. In addition, when employees taking your course complete the Decision Tool, they will have a chance to be recommended a Medical plan within a Narrow Network if the Zip Code they preside in is eligible.

Custom Labels

We are adding customizable Premium labels to accommodate the various ways your business may refer to employees, partners, and dependents.

Export to PDF

On deck to be worked on later is an improved PDF exporter. We often hear from our customers that Brite could be utilized for a broader amount of Brokers’ clients if we had a PDF version of Brite courses that could displace the traditional Digital Benefit Guide. Well, the challenge has been accepted, so stay tuned!

New User Dashboard

The final new feature coming soon is what we are referring to as the User Dashboard. The first page you interact with when you come to Brite is being repurposed to help you build awareness of the product and the best actions to take to educate your clients.

To ring in this month’s list of fixed bugs and improvements, we took to poetry.

In January’s chilly air,

Our team toiled away with care.

Their mission to fix and improve,

A handful of bugs they needed to remove.

With code and logic as their tools,

They worked until the job was cool.

No challenge too great, no problem too small,

They persevered through it all.

So here’s to the team, who worked so hard,

Their efforts a shining example of software art.

And as for those bugs, here’s the list,

Which thanks to the team, no longer persist.

  • Improved styling issues when wrapping large amounts of text in the new Brite editor experience.
  • Eliminated a crashing issue when making certain edits in the new Brite editor experience.
  • Updated our Slack integration to resolve issues where Brite unnecessarily asked users to reauthenticate their Slack accounts.
  • Added logging to monitor non-urgent issues for our team to resolve at a later date
  • Fixed an issue causing the Decision Tool to make certain custom product recommendations in error.

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