July 2023 Changelog

The Brite team was hard at work last month! Check out all of the improvements we made in July.

Guide Folders

The more guides a Brite user creates, the more their guides tab becomes cluttered, making it challenging to locate specific guides. Guide Creators now have the flexibility to group and categorize their guides in a way that best suits their preferences, making it easier to track down the guide they are looking for. Look for the `NEW FOLDER` button in your guides tab to create your first Guide Folder! 👀

Smart Components

We have reorganized the component toolbar within the guide editor to make space for some cool new components. You can now see a category called Smart Components. Any component in this category can be used to dynamically display data from your benefit package or company kit in a beautiful way. Want to highlight the details of a medical plan? Drop in the Plan Summary Smart Component. Want to focus an employee’s attention on the Contributions for an HSA? Use a Pricing Smart Component. 

Over the next few months, keep your eyes peeled as we add more and more Smart Components to our guide editor!

Email (beta)

Since launching our text messaging feature last year, our users have made it clear which communication mediums they also want to use to send a guide from Brite, and one of those has always been Email. Well, we are excited to announce that an early beta version of Brite’s Email-a-Guide feature is live! If you wish to sign up for our beta and learn more, click here to get started. 

Subscript & Superscript

We have added support within our text editor for subscript and superscript styles. This provides an added level of annotation for guide creators wishing to reference sources or call out specific pieces of information. When interacting with a text component, find these features by clicking the ellipsis (three vertical dots).

In addition to the features we’ve introduced this month, we want to give you a glimpse of what we’re working on in August and what the future holds for Brite.

Guide Cover Pages

When creating a guide, one of the things that our users and onboarding team spend the most time doing is designing the first page of their guide. When it comes to Benefit education, It is critical to create an engaging cover page that clarifies the guide’s purpose but also can accommodate multiple types of employee classes or other scenarios. Getting this right can be stressful and time-consuming, especially if copywriting and design aren’t your strong suits. 

We are currently doing discovery and design around dedicated cover pages that can be quickly dropped into a guide without spending hours laboring over creating one from scratch.

Base Guides

We are currently beta-testing a new guide generation flow that allows users to create their own version of the base template (instead of Brite’s default template) that is used when generating a guide from a Benefit Package. With these new base guide templates, users can create the structure and content they want for different types of guides, like Open Enrollment or New Hire guides and then when it comes time to generate a guide, they are capable of going from zero to a ready to launch guide in a matter of minutes.

Smart Fields

One shortcoming of Brite for many of its Broker users is that it requires a lot of time and effort, specifically from those with a template they duplicate and reuse across multiple clients. Suppose they want to utilize their template for a new client build. In that case, they have to go back into the guide after it is duplicated and update all of the client-specific information–things like business name, premiums and contributions, what the employer calls their team members, and more. Sometimes this can take a few minutes, but sometimes this can take up to an hour for a single guide.

Soon, we will be introducing a feature we call Smart Fields (shout out to Lauren C. at Moreton for helping us name this feature!). Smart Fields allow users to inject dynamic pieces of information stored in their Company Kit or Benefit Packages directly into their guides. Anytime the data displayed by a Smart Field is modified within the Company Kit or Benefit Package, those changes are automatically reflected across every guide where that Smart Field exists. Similarly, if Smart Fields are placed into a template, like in the scenario mentioned above, the guide creator will no longer need to update the guide manually. The Smart Fields will reference the specific data within the new business’s Company Kit or Benefit Package.

Here is what got fixed in July:

  1. The compare plans button would not show on some plan comparisons when toggled on.
  2. Tooltips on the recommendation page wouldn’t expand when hovered over.
  3. Copying and pasting content would cause the cursor to jump to a different location on the page.
  4. Formatting broke for some Carrier logos displayed in Plan Summary components.
  5. Certain dropdown fields could not be interacted with when modifying plan details in a Benefit Package.
  6. Employer contributions wouldn’t reappear in the plan summary component when toggled to show after being hidden.

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