Ongoing Benefits Communications

Open enrollment is the most popular time to send employees benefits communications, but what about the rest of the year? Sending ongoing benefits communications year-round can be highly beneficial to both employees and employers. From FAQs to resources on voluntary benefits, the value of continuous communication is enormous. This post will address what to send and the tools you can use to make the process easier for both your team and your employees.

What kinds of benefits communications should you be sending employees?

HSA & Other Savings Accounts

Benefits can be complex. Fortunately, there are ways to help employees better understand their benefits. One way includes assisting individuals to become more aware of their Health Savings Account (HSA) benefits and other savings accounts. Such resources may offer login information, tips for how individuals can best use their benefits funds, and answer frequently asked questions about benefits policies. Investing some time in taking advantage of these materials can help ensure that employees are making the most of the benefits offered by their employer, unlocking potential benefits and sustainability for years to come.

Voluntary Benefits

As benefits communications evolve, voluntary benefits are quickly entering the spotlight. Unfortunately, many employees may be unaware of the benefits offerings they can access or how to access them – this is where benefits communications come into play. By sending resources that remind employees of the benefits available and their value and detailed instructions on how to access them, employers can help ensure that all employees know exactly what benefits are available to them before, during, and after open enrollment. Doing so will ensure everyone gets the most out of their benefits package.


As an HR team, you are undoubtedly familiar with how much time and effort it takes to respond to employees’ questions regarding their benefits. By sending out answers to common questions all at once, your team saves valuable time and energy while giving employees a source of reference when additional queries arise during the year. Open enrollment meetings and benefit guides are excellent sources of information for employees; however, FAQs provide an added convenience that employers should consider including in their lineup of resources moving forward.

The Power of Brite for Ongoing Employee Benefits Communications

There are multiple digital platforms available that aid employers in their benefits communication strategies. For example, Brite’s digital employee benefits platform allows employers to provide ongoing education and communication to their employees about all things surrounding employee benefits. With texting and Slack integrations, teams can reach their employees on channels they use more frequently, increasing engagement and satisfaction.

Ongoing benefits communication is essential for successful employee engagement and retention strategies—not just during open enrollment season but all year round! From FAQs to newsletters featuring voluntary benefits options, there are plenty of ways employers can keep their workforce informed without overwhelming them with too much content at once. And with tools like automated email software and HR technology platforms like Brite now available online, it has never been easier for businesses of any size to manage these communications efficiently and effectively. So don’t wait until open enrollment season rolls around again—start taking advantage of these resources today!