Enhancing Employee Benefits Through Year-Round Education

As employers, we understand the importance of educating our employees about the benefits packages available during open enrollment. However, in today’s ever-changing landscape of employee benefits, there is a need for continuous, ongoing employee benefits education and support beyond the traditional open enrollment period. With this in mind, HR professionals must consider how to provide their employees with the education and resources they need to make informed benefit decisions throughout the year. 

The Importance of Ongoing Benefits Education

Brite is an employee benefits education platform designed for employers to provide their employees with year-round benefits education and support. The Brite platform allows employers to easily create custom education resources that provide employees with necessary information regarding their benefits offerings. These resources equip employees with the essential knowledge to maximize their benefits offerings. With Brite, employers can cover everything including, but not limited to: key insurance terminology, network information, how to find a doctor, Telehealth resources, and more. Employees can access this information throughout the year, giving them the resources needed to maximize utilization and coverage.

Employers also have access to a library of Brite course templates that can help employees better understand how to maximize the value of their benefits package. These include helpful templates such as comparing different plan types like HMO vs. PPO, information on the difference between FSAs and HSAs and how to use these accounts wisely, and general terminology pages. You can design educational materials that simplify complex concepts so employees feel more empowered when making annual benefit selections. In addition, employers can create custom benefits resources and education for employees inside the Brite platform.

Year-Round Employee Benefits Communication & Support

With Brite’s communication tools, employers can quickly provide employees with year-round, ongoing benefits education. Directly within Brite’s platform, employers can send Brite courses via text message, a link, and even directly to your company’s Slack channels. In addition, the team at Brite is dedicated to helping employers provide their employees with exceptional service so that they feel confident in their decision-making process when it comes to choosing which benefit plans are right for them. With these tools, employers can ensure that their employees have the most up-to-date information about their benefits packages to make informed decisions regarding which plans will best fit their personal needs. 

Employee benefits packages are constantly evolving and growing more complex by the day; therefore, when it comes to understanding benefits offerings, employers need to provide employees with year-round ongoing employee benefits education and support. Brite’s platform allows employers to offer comprehensive benefits education and resources regarding employee benefits while providing additional resources such as support and communication throughout the year. Additionally, by utilizing Brite’s platform, employers can ensure that their employees have access to all the information they need to make informed decisions when selecting which plans will best meet their needs.

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