Provide Year-Round Employee Benefits Resources with Brite

As an HR professional, you know that open enrollment is always a critical time for employees to review their benefits options. However, employee education shouldn’t start and end with open enrollment. It is important that employees are provided with resources year-round in order for them to understand their benefit offerings and be able to effectively utilize them. Brite provides employers with the opportunity to create these custom resources quickly and easily so that they can be shared with employees via text messaging or Slack integrations. 

What Resources Can Be Shared?

Employers have the ability to create a variety of resources regarding their employee benefits options. These could include “how to find a doctor,” important plan information or details, network links/information, key insurance terms- and more. With Brite’s platform, employers have the freedom to craft customized materials that are tailored specifically to their needs and preferences. 

Benefits of Customized Materials

Customized materials are beneficial for both employers and employees alike. There is no longer a need for HR teams to spend countless hours manually crafting educational documents – this process can now be streamlined using Brite’s platform so that materials can be quickly created and distributed in minutes. Employees have access to personalized materials makes it easier for them to understand what is offered in regard to their benefits options and how they can best use those benefits throughout the year. This helps create a better understanding of how employee benefits impact overall healthcare outcomes as well as workplace satisfaction scores which leads to improved retention rates among employees.  

Text Messaging & Slack Integration Features

Another innovative element of Brite’s platform is its ability for employers to send out customized material via text message or Brite’s Slack integration feature in order for it to reach their employees in an efficient manner, without having to take up too much of their time or attention span. Text messaging has become an essential form of communication between employers and employees, especially during times when remote work has become prevalent due to pandemics or other events outside of one’s control – such as natural disasters like hurricanes or floods.                            

Anytime, Anywhere.

 These resources can be accessed by employees at any time, on any device, no matter where they are. Utilizing these features allows employers the opportunity to keep their employees informed at all times while also saving valuable time spent on crafting emails that may not even be read by everyone on staff due to limited attention spans when it comes to scrolling through one’s email inboxes on any given day.

Leveraging Brite to provide customizable, year-round employee benefits resources and education instead of just during open enrollment periods will help ensure that your team members remain up-to-date on important changes within your benefits packages. In addition, employees will better understand how they can utilize those benefits effectively throughout the year. Brite’s platform will give back precious time spent crafting emails by integrating the communication features into your strategy. Ultimately, providing comprehensive, accessible, and digestible educational materials will lead to improved employee retention rates through increased workplace satisfaction levels due better understanding of available benefits packages offered by your company – which is something every employer should strive for!

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